Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kathy called yesterday now that she and Bruce are back in Arizona for the winter.  While Yuma might not be my choice of venue, winter weather there is no doubt a major improvement over Canada's!

They had to make a hasty, and earlier-than-planned, exit last year when Kathy obliterated her ankle with a triple break, so we never got to have our Quilt Camp.

She will be arriving here on Tuesday (bringing friend Brenda along) and staying a couple of nights, so we can sew and catch up on things.  I have been following her recuperation (and seeing pix) via FB - and it continues to be an on-going process.  At least sewing is a reasonably sedentary process (though it does seem as if I'm always popping up for one thing or another.)

So today I have some additional motivation to clean up my (quilting) act 
and get the table ready for two additional sewing buddies.

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