Saturday, November 21, 2015

As soon as the library opened this morning at 9:00 I picked up all 4 books.  At least now I shouldn't run out of reading material for a few days.  

Then it was off to Colleen's for the day.  I brought along my supplies to make one of my holiday gifts (after I saw one at her house I knew I had to make some) and we got started.  As in the royal "we" - with only one good hand these days I'm severely limited in what I can do, so she did a whole lot of the work!

  Partway through it turned out I needed a yard of black fabric for the backing, so we popped over to The Other Quilt Store (which is less than a mile from her house) to get some - and Sheri had the Michael Miller black I've been looking for!

After seeing a quilt going together in the classroom I also had to have some of that border fabric (I know, I know - but I've been so good!) plus I actually bought a book (I know, I know... I just got rid of several dozen quilt books).  But every quilt in it is a wonderful idea, and after thumbing through it I'm pretty sure Colleen already plans to borrow it. :-)

Yolanda had to leave to go pack (she's always off to somewhere, or just getting back from somewhere) so she missed lunching with us at Wildflower.  Colleen and I ended up sharing a salad and a sandwich, both of which were delicious, and we left there stuffed.  Feeling newly energized we returned to her house to finish up 'my' project, and except for one (small) final step, which could happen tomorrow, it's all done.

Tom drained the hot tub for me today, and tomorrow I plan to finish hand-scooping the last little bit of water (never have figured out why they didn't put the drain at the lowest spot....) and clean everything up.  Once the tub is refilled it takes about a day to get up to temp, but I hope be able to soak by Monday evening!

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