Monday, November 23, 2015

And after all my work, aggravation (and pain) trying to get the hot tub ready for its annual season of soaking, the heater for it won't even come on. Tom and Gary putzed with it for over an hour yesterday afternoon, but the breaker just kept flipping. So until I call the repairman (something similar happened last year, or was it the year before?) there will be no soaking.

In other news, my back is SLIGHTLY better today.  As soon at it's 8:00 I will be calling the chiropractor to find out when he can fit me in today.  Yesterday I texted Jim to cancel today's gym workout.

And in the One More Thing To Do This Morning Dept (when I really could use the time to shop/cook/clean for Thursday): I also have to call the insurance company once they open at 8:00 this morning.  After a long and somewhat involved face-to-face interaction last Monday with a new person (Jessica no longer works there), I know Debora will remember me and all the details of the transaction.  

So it was quite a surprise to open a cancellation notice (effective last Monday!) late Friday afternoon for both Lisa's Ford and Alex's BMW - when my (written!) instructions were just to not renew the Ford insurance when it runs out the end of this month.  And yes, I did hand over a check for the next 6 month's insurance on the BMW, for which I do have a receipt.  Of course Alex is planning to be able to drive his car after he returns on Wednesday - but not until we have a piece of paper confirming that it is in fact insured. 

I hung out on the couch last night doing puzzles on my iPad, listening while Tom watched the Cardinals game.  It's always nice when the Cardinals win (because it makes so many folks here happy), but what I really enjoyed was listening to 'Alan Alda' do the commentary. <G> The announcer sure sounds just like him, and every time he was talking I kept picturing Hawkeye Pierce entertaining the troops in Korea!

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