Monday, August 1, 2016

This morning I kept falling back asleep, so I didn't manage an early morning soak before heading down to Elinor's for the day.  Terry gave me a brief tutorial on the Volt, and off I went. Hard to believe, but I actually ran into traffic.  

It was a very productive day over there.  I got the kitchen cleaned up, did a couple of loads of laundry, and vacuumed.  Since she won't be able to travel to Terry's when all the out-of-town family arrives soon, they're going to be spending time at her place - and while my efforts might not be up to "Martha's" standards <g> at least the house is in much better shape for visitors. But more importantly, I helped Elinor take a shower, changed her dressing (it's a very impressive scar) and clipped her toenails. 

Not having planned to stay this long, I am almost out of one of my meds. In theory I could refill it at any Wal-Mart pharmacy (and there is one in Salida, where we'll be on Wednesday, grocery shopping) except - naturally - there are no refills left on it. So first thing this morning I called the doc's office. Turns out they can only fax a prescription in state, which I asked them to do. Apparently any Wal-Mart can then access the account and fill the Rx. Except that as of tonight my home Wal-Mart had not yet received the fax. I foresee more phone calls in the morning... 

Richard arrived home at 5:00 (he'd also had a productive day back at work) and was duly impressed with the kitchen 'make-over', and also with the fact that his chair (which I had vacuumed) was red again, and not gray with Q's fur.

I took my camera with me today, hoping that the impressive clouds would make another appearance above the mountains and on the drive back I could get the shot I missed on Friday. That didn't happen, but later I did snap a beautiful sunset.

Terry was just starting the chicken when I got back, and let me know I had time for a soak before dinner. So I headed up to the Apple Pools for a bit. One of the campsites I passed had a chicken 'sculpture' outside the tent and I thought it would be a fun picture, though of course I had only grabbed my towel and not my usual bag with everything (including the camera) in it. When I passed it again on the way back after soaking, Jody and Michael were sitting at their picnic table, and we started chatting after I told them how much I liked their chicken. When I found out that it would be leaving at first light tomorrow, I grabbed the camera at the house and went back and got a pic.

Scrumptious dinner of grilled chicken, corn-on-the-cob, and tabouli - with her lemon/lime bars for dessert. By the time we finished it was close to 9:00 (and I was ready to stretch out) so we decided cribbage would have to wait for another time. But first we had to go outside and rescue a hummingbird that landed (and got stuck?) on the screen (no idea why it was flying around in the dark) and place it in a tree.

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