Friday, August 26, 2016

Jim went easy on me at the gym today, with lighter weights and fewer reps - but it was still a shock to my legs and I will not be surprised to find myself sore over the next couple of days.  He did say that 'muscle memory' will kick in, and in a week (or two) I should be right back where I left off.  Here's hoping!  I also accrued 16 sessions while I was gone these past two months, so for the next four months I've dialed my account back to paying for just one session each week until I 'catch up'.

On the way home I stopped at the drive-thru to pick up my Rx at Walmart, but they'd filled the order with the 'regular' ($300+) instead of the generic ($16) so I need to return once they redo it.  (He told me at the time I could wait 5-10 minutes though I opted to return later in the day, but just as I got home he called; turns out they'll have to order it and it should be in by Monday.)  As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw there'd been an accident at the intersection in the few minutes since I'd just been there.  Glad I wasn't a part of it; good timing!

Called Wanda to see if she was home (she was) and available for lunch (she was) since I was going to be right near her to drop off my shoes for repair.  We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant she likes and then went to drop off my shoes across the street.  Turns out they're in worse shape than I thought - he was going to charge me $20 for a fix he wasn't sure would hold - so it looks like I'll be going shopping for new funeral shoes.

Back at Wanda's I 'shopped' the quilting books and fabric she's culling from her collections and selling on eBay, and what a surprise.... I found a number of things to buy.

Popped over to school after the final bell to deliver Birds and Blooms and Science News magazines. I did get to see Patti in the office briefly, and then visited with Diane for an hour.  Sadly her mom's Alzheimer's has progressed a lot, and she was glad to hear about Neil's dinner plate ("who knew things like that existed?") and the adult bibs Colleen showed me how to make.

Mark, who lives way over on the east side of the valley but is working just north of us, has been leaving his work trailer here each night and then picking it up in the morning on the way to work.  Tom invited him to hang out after work today, and then we talked him into also staying for dinner.  

Irrigation arrived right on time this evening (apparently last cycle it was almost half an hour late) which is good.  We had some rain last night/this morning, and it was threatening earlier in the day, but it didn't actually rain this evening during irrigation.

Tired so off to bed to read - but tomorrow promise to post more hot springs photos.

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