Monday, August 22, 2016

Last night, while I was washing dishes, Neil came up behind me.  There was a great dancing tune on Pandora, so I took his hands and 'danced' with him.  I thought Terry was trying to get a photo of his big grin but it turned out she was filming. Hopefully I'll be able to open her attachment on m home computer.

In order to make leaving paradise a little easier tomorrow I 'requested' bad weather - but it arrived a day early.  Spent part of this morning at the Apple Pools getting nice and toasty. Jay mentioned that his favorite band, New Orleans Suspects, is going on tour, and one of their sets is called Motown Meets Jazz; sounds intriguing! Took a picture of a hummingbird necklace that Jackie (from Yorkshire, on her annual trip to the States to visit her traveling buddy Bill, from Phoenix) was wearing, but sadly was unable to get the Macro button on the camera to do its thing.

It was a tad chilly later in the Party Pool, at least until the sun finally broke through the clouds around noon. I chatted with Martin (of the Yukon bear story.) The rock squirrels were out and about, entertaining everyone, and a yearling buck came by to graze.

I made sure I was back before 2:00 to check in for tomorrow's flight. Of course the computer would not let me check in at 1:59, but I just kept hitting the button until it was happy with the time. I got B6, so should be able to snag my favorite seat, the last aisle seat that reclines.

Then it was down to visit Elinor and take her some veggie leftovers.  The 3 of us played cribbage, and it was a close game... but guess who won?  :)

The clouds and rain made another appearance while we were down there - and on Electric Peak (above the hot springs) is now a lot of that white stuff! Terry said that should make it easier to leave, and she has a point. I do not "do" Colorado winter; when we got back to the house I immediately dressed in warm clothes!

Before dinner I previewed my pix on Terry's computer - got some great ones :) No doubt Wednesday (when I should be focusing on other things) I'll spend some time with them on my computer; once resized and cropped I can start sharing them on my blog.

We hope to head to Denver early tomorrow morning, so my next post will probably be from Phoenix.

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