Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I couldn't start making phone calls until 10:00 (9:00 at home) and had no trouble with the first one to the pharmacy - I got through right away. Unfortunately, as expected they had yet to receive the fax with the Rx. Getting through to someone at the doc's office was considerably more frustrating, and took well over an hour. In between tries I put the fresh sheets on Neil and Terry's bed, did a load of laundry, and took a shower. When I finally got through to Gerardo (who had agreed to call back yesterday, but never did) it was a case of "oops - the fax never went through." (Before he tried to send it again, I did think to check and make sure it was going to WalMART and not WalGREENS, like had happened once before.)  I waited a bit, and when I called my WalMart a second time they had just gotten the fax. So next I called the WalMart in Salida, and Judy said it should take about an hour for the transfer to be completed. Which means there is a reasonable possibility that my Rx will actually be ready and waiting for me tomorrow. 

By the time I got up to soak it was almost noon, so I was really off schedule.  Floated for a while, chatted with Jay, and generally enjoyed the (much needed) mellow atmosphere after a somewhat frustrating morning.  There was a young couple up there (who turned out to be 22), and he reminded me a lot of Arlo Guthrie. Not only had neither of them heard of Arlo - but they had no knowledge of Alice's Restaurant! Hopefully they will remedy that when they get back to civilization...

Terry left for Elinor's this morning after Nancy showed up for her weekly day with Neil.  There was some talk of Nancy driving Neil over to visit Elinor, and since they were gone when I got back around 2:00 I assumed she decided to try it. Apparently the outing went reasonably well, though Neil was pretty wiped out when Nancy brought him home - and later Terry said Neil did seem a bit agitated being out of his comfort zone.

Lots of intense wind this afternoon, which whipped up the fire and filled the valley with smoke even though the wind was blowing in the 'opposite' direction; hard to believe there was anything left to burn! What we need is a good, hard rain.

After dinner Terry beat me pretty soundly at cribbage - though I told her she's such a good cook even her dust tastes good! (But not as good as dessert...)

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