Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Somehow (!) I figured out how to make my blog accessible again; it seems to have had something to do with a general Google change, and I just had to 'accept' the new normal.

At the gym this morning Jim had me doing core/balance exercises.  I did manage to fall off the step during one (and not terribly gracefully, landing on my butt) but at least it seemed to happen in slow motion and I was able to break my fall with my good hand.

Then I went to vote.  There was a moment of panic when I went to grab my driver's license for ID and it wasn't in the slot in my wallet where it always lives.

Thinking back to when I used it last, I realized that it was at the
 airport in Denver to to pass through Security.   Instead of taking my wallet out of my purse to replace it I simply slipped it back into one of the zippered pockets in my purse... and of course that's where it's stayed ever since.

Last was a run to Michael's to pick up velcro for the bibs, and also sticks and felt for another fabric bouquet.  Sitting outside on the sale shelf were flat plastic tubs (in 4 pretty colors) that will work well for storing UFO quilt projects, so of course <g> I had to pick up one of each color.

Think I'll take a break and read in the pool 
before trying (again) to post vacation pix.

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