Monday, August 15, 2016

Today is Karen's birthday, and she 'celebrated' by going into town with Terry to do yet more shopping; party tonight down at Elinor and Richard's.  Saturday is Doug's birthday (or at least his surprise birthday dinner celebration) and Rosie took me aside the in the office to make sure I knew I was invited.

I showed Hilda and Terry and Nancy (with colored paper) how simple it is to make a Disappearing Four Patch block. And this DFP quilt is definitely on my list:

Also looked at pix of many of my quilts (at least those that made it onto the right side of my blog) with Mark, then Hilda, then Nancy - they were all 'properly' impressed.

Steve was outbid for Tom's arrowhead in Saturday's auction, but the winner was 'Michael from down on The Row', who knows Tom, so it should have a nice new home.

Somewhat late by the time I made it up to soak. Visited with Eileen and Kate in the Apple Pool, who asked for a repeat performance of Sam McGee (which Kim and Fred also enjoyed.) Then it was off to the Party Pool, where I covered up to float and read more of Flatland. Later I watched Christine sculpt a butterfly (yesterday she made a cute elephant.) Yesterday we had talked about her goal of doing something different every day, and today we talked about her experience caring for her mother during Millie's 8-year battle with cancer, and my experience with Dad's death. She crafted a couple of penguins for me, and also attempted a giraffe for Mom. And she's going to hand-deliver them to the house for me.  (Turns out her birthday was also on Friday, like Neil's.)

As I was leaving to come down to the house by 3:00 (when Nancy planned to leave) I saw Doug giving a tour, and mentioned that he was probably glad that all the Members Weekend 'doings' were over.  (Usually there's a daily quota, but not for that weekend; cars lined the road all the way down past the entrance gate.) But despite the large number of people here it was really mellow, most likely because members know hot springs etiquette and are basically a considerate bunch. Apparently today had been one crisis after another after (after a great weekend) and despite his ever-present smile he seemed ready for this Monday to be over.

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