Thursday, August 4, 2016

On the way to Elinor's this morning there were three owls outside their burrow, but instead of taking the picture through the open window I decided to get out and get a little closer. Bad idea - of course they immediately disappeared into the hole so I still don't have a photo.

Before lunch (yummy sushi Richard brought home last night) I got the guest room bed changed and ready for Joe's arrival, did Elinor's laundry, and put away all the clothes that had been piling up on various surfaces. 

After lunch it flat POURED, and for quite a while.  The fog was so heavy that we could barely see the neighbors' places, and the nearby mountains were totally obscured. Originally I was going to help her shower this afternoon, but we'd both heard that's not a good idea when it's storming - so we played some cribbage instead ( I won!) and then I cleaned the toilets for her. (I will say hers are the cleanest toilets I've ever cleaned!)

I was a little leery of driving home (it's a gravel road) after all that rain, but took it slow and didn't slide around too much. Pretty impressive fog over the mountains for my drive.

Sadly this afternoon I received news that Jeannie's husband Rich passed away. He's been in hospice so it wasn't unexpected, and now he's no longer in pain. But still must be hard for her.  The funeral is Monday, but of course I'm here in Colorado so won't be able to attend.

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