Wednesday, August 17, 2016

With everyone gone (Saturday night there were 12 people sleeping here) it was a quieter, earlier evening.  I was asleep by 10:00 instead of midnight (or later) and so got an earlier start on the day today.  First stop, of course, was at the Apple Pool (to warm up) where I chatted with Will and Jim, and discovered they had their cat with them.

Once properly toasty I relocated to the Party Pool and started scrubbing the slippery algae-covered steps and hand rails with the wire brush.  By the time I finished the steps were in great shape, and considerably less likely to cause gymnastic entrances to the pool. The thanks from soakers were pretty much unanimous.

Will arrived a bit later, along with Booster. Got a couple of great shots of him, which of course his "dad" wants. Also discovered during my conversation with Will that it's his brother who built the Bishop Castle (an on-going project since the 60s) that I've been hearing about this summer. Terry says she took the kids there years ago, and it's definitely an interesting place, well worth visiting.

Interesting chat with Lisa and Mike from Minnesota, who run a couple of group homes for women with Alzheimer's. Not surprisingly, she says finding good help is her biggest challenge.

At some point one man (Mark) overheard a conversation and asked if I was "the" Bobbi from Arizona. He'd seen the notice I posted on the bathhouse bulletin board about the quilt raffle tickets, and wants to buy some.  So does Firefighter Brian, who I'd met in July ("Are you still here?")

I 'rescued' the elephant that Christine had made and left. (She did say I could take it home with me.) He has broken in two pieces (I think where she joined two pieces of the clay) but that should make him easier to transport home, where super glue could fix him up.

The sunflowers by the pool seem to get more lush and gorgeous each day, but today was the first time I spotted hummingbirds enjoying them also.

On the way back to the house saw a painted truck, and stopped to take a picture and chat with its owner, Quay.  Turns out it's her third painted vehicle; she started doing it after 911 to cheer up everyone. I, of course, had to tell her about my polka-dotted Studebaker from the 60s.

Terry had something to show me when I returned. At first I thought it was going to be a funny and/or interesting FB post, but turns out that while I was soaking she set a new personal best in the 100 game: 8919 points! Not only that, but now she's also beaten my high score, so the gauntlet has been thrown down!

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