Sunday, August 14, 2016

I recognized the harmonica player (from Friday night's blues band) in the Party Pool Saturday, so was able to personally thank Ryan for his wonderful playing and tell him how much I enjoyed listening to it. I told him about my summer in Flagstaff when I "took harmonica lessons", except that I was more inclined to listen to the teacher play than learn much.

Yesterday's potluck at 4:00 was well-attended, and my eggs disappeared quickly. I never made it past the salads (greens, coleslaw, tabouli, etc.) partly because the line for the main dishes wrapped all the way around the Pavillion. It was no problem since I knew I had a second dinner to attend.  I did, however, manage to snag a brownie for dessert. 

Then at 5:00 some of us headed down to Elinor and Richard's for another dinner, though Terry and Neil stayed home because James and Deanna and the kids were arriving for dinner. We were eight (Suzanne joined us) and we had a fun evening of conversation and laughs. I managed to eat a full dinner (Richard's yummy chicken casserole, corn-on-cob, salad, and Karen's blueberry pie for dessert.) Did I mention that I stepped on the scale the other day (first time since I got here the end of June) and it appears that I've gained an appalling 15 pounds?! 

This morning I played a couple of games of Clue with Alexis (going into 6th grade), and twins Gage and Tatum (going into 3rd grade). Despite not having played in (at least) 50 years, I did well and actually won both games. Then the kids wanted to start on Monopoly, but we never finished because they had to leave for the long drive home.  It is great to see James doing so well; by his own admission he's "finally grown up" and figured things out.

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