Saturday, August 27, 2016

It's been rewarding to see the pile of mail slowly disappear as I deal with things and then either toss or put away the paperwork.

Also made phone calls (some more productive than others) and took care of some e-mails, though with it being the weekend some stuff just needs to wait until Monday.

Patti came by for a bit this morning after her hike and we caught up a little.  The plan is to get together next weekend when she has a 3-day weekend.  Things are so busy in the office at school this time of year that she's slammed and having to bring stuff home to do.

Somehow my automatic payment to Netflix ended up on a different VISA card from everything else, and after all these years I decided today was the day I'd switch that over; it would be nice to only have to write/mail one check to Bank of America each month.  It was surprisingly easy to access my Netflix account and go to the page for changing my billing.  But after 3 tries of deleting the old info and typing in all the numbers for the new card, it still gave me the same error message, 'suggesting' I try a different card.  So I called Netflix - and even got to talk to a real person without much of a wait - hoping there would be more information at their end; if I knew what the actual problem is I could (possibly) fix whatever the computer is unhappy about.  No such luck, and will have to deal directly with Bank of America.  What should have taken just a  minute or two....

We had thunder and rain last night and also this morning (predictable because we had irrigation last evening) with lots of beautiful clouds.

Did some trimming of dead stuff in the raised planter by the garage, so that's looking better.  Sure is steamy out, and I am very grateful that our humidity only lasts a few weeks!  

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