Monday, August 29, 2016

Alex and Aja arrived home from Rocky Point at 11:30 last night (I was still up reading) and picked up Tyga.  Despite enjoying himself here at Dodge Doggy Daycare, he was happy to see them.  Because of the late hour I didn't chat with them, but assume they had a great time.  Here's a pic Alex posted on FB:

They'd gone to help a friend celebrate her birthday, and definitely were not slumming it; they stayed in a penthouse condo which belongs to the parents of one of their group.

Obviously there was a little drinking...

Today's it's not quite as steamy out, so this morning I took advantage of that and did a bunch of yardwork.  Trimmed more of the very overgrown bushes out front, and even got everything into the trashcan just in time as the trash truck was pulling up.  Then I trimmed a few bushes out back, and between that and all the downed pine needles I raked up I managed to completely fill one of the newly emptied trash cans.  By the time I finished it definitely felt good to get into the (only 84-degree) pool!

Tonight I'm on Dinner Duty, which means a trip to the grocery store after my doc appointment this afternoon. I'm trying to figure out why my thumb/wrist still have not recovered from when I overdid them at OT the end of May.

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