Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alex cooked dinner tonight, and even though he was less than satisfied with his results I sure enjoyed the meal and left the table stuffed.  And Aja did the dishes, another bonus.

(At least that's what Terry tells me!)

After I lost at cribbage tonight (would have won if I'd been able to count my points first) I hoped to watch some of the diving from the Olympics. I had asked Tom to tape the diving events of the Olympics (no TV at Neil & Terry's house) which were held the first week.  Unfortunately he set it to tape all of the Olys, and when the DVR got full it simply deleted the oldest programs to make room.  So all that's left is the final week of events, when the diving was over.

I did finish with my photos (even after deleting some of them I still have 410 left in that folder) and tomorrow I plan to start posting some.  Sure had a wonderful time, and this is how I felt for the last two months:

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