Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The upshot of yesterday's visit with the PA (the waiting room was a busy place, so I had to wait a while... though seconds after I sat down with the ubiquitous paperwork they called "Dodge" for PA Lisa Babel, but turned out to be a different patient) is that she really doesn't believe I've blown out my repair.  The only way to know for sure is another MRI; in the meantime, I'm scheduled for more OT, plus she suggested another shot to help with the pain.  

I've had the shots before (twice a year, for many years) but yesterday was the first time I had a reaction to one.  Within seconds I was light-headed, then 'tingly' and feeling like I was going to pass out, so she had me lie down with a cold compress for a while.  Weird!  She did ask if I'd had much to eat that day (no) and said it could just have been low blood sugar.  Obviously I didn't leave the office until I was sure I was fine!  

The good news is that the shot did seem to give me instant relief.  :-)  I've got an appointment on Oct. 10 (with the actual surgeon) to see whether or not an MRI would still be indicated.

Thus it was considerably later than anticipated when I got to the grocery store, and by the time I arrived home it was time to start dinner.  Alex joined us (for steaks) and again recommended a Netflix Series Narcos.  So after dinner (and cribbage) we watched the first episode, which held our interest.

This morning I'm off to the gym and then to vote.  Lots of state offices holding elections, but only 1 (our District 6 Representative) has more than one person running on the slate.  Did my research, and am ready to cast my ballot. 

On the news last night I heard a report that the voting sites in two states (one of them ours!) have been hacked - and it's thought that it was the Russians!?  Appears that Dad was right all those years ago... <G>

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