Friday, August 5, 2016

We had pretty steady rain all night so it was pretty cool and gloomy when I got up. I dressed in winter duds before coming downstairs for my "coffee". It was a new flavor (neither Safeway nor Walmart carried mine) and was okay.  Terry soon joined me, though Neil had had a bad night and was sleeping in. 

Yesterday Elinor had told Terry she was off the hook for 'babysitting' today because Richard would be home from work by 1:00 to take her to her doc appt. But once he had left she realized she really didn't feel comfortable being alone even for those few hours, so I headed over. However I would have to be back here by noon so Terry could use the car to drive to Moffat, where a registered letter has been waiting for her.

The road was in good shape considering all the rain yesterday and last night, but I ran into "traffic" of a different sort: cattle on the road. They, of course, we're not terribly intimidated by by the car rolling toward them, or the horn, but did grudgingly move enough to let me pass.  Right after that I passed a big hawk sitting on a fence post by the side of the road. I stopped, reversed, rolled down the window and got out my camera - but <sigh> not in time.

It was a pretty relaxing morning at Elinor's, and I didn't do a whole lot of work.  I did search everywhere for the MIA pillowcase to match the sheets on the guest bed, and it wasn't in any of the places Elinor directed me to look (linen closets, armoire, chest of drawers, etc.) but I did eventually find it after I'd stopped looking. Elinor knew she had it, and had seen it, and she was right; it was covering the pillow that she was using in the recliner to prop up her foot. She felt a little foolish but I cut her a little slack since she is on fairly serious painkillers.

We played another game of cribbage so she could redeem herself after yesterday's debacle, and today was a photo finish.  On the last hand we were neck and neck 6 pegs out. Since it was her crib I would count first, and since I had more than 6 points in my hand another win looked promising. There was a lot of pegging going on during that hand, and soon there we were, both in the last hole - when she pegged a point and won. 

Driving home I was watching for the hawk, which was sitting near the same spot, this time on a No Trespassing sign. Before I got to it I had the camera out (and turned on) and the window rolled down. Since it's an electric car it's quiet, and I was going slowly. But just as the open window lined up for the shot he took off. Very disappointing. The cattle were still at the same spot 'waiting' for me and blocking the road. Not sure why they weren't off the road eating.

Just finished a yummy (and healthy) lunch, and am thinking about having a piece of pie for dessert. Terry made a strawberry/rhubarb pie yesterday (she waited until after Tom left because he doesn't like rhubarb.) I'd never tasted it before, but it was sure delicious. Last night's dinner was lamb chops, something else Tom doesn't care for so it was also off the menu while he was here.

No exciting plans for this rainy afternoon other than watching Neil until Terry gets back. IF the new Rx for Elinor arrives in today's mail (and it should have already arrived a couple of days ago!) Terry will drive to Salida to get it filled, which will add about 3 hours to her absence.  Steve plans to stream another Science Mystery Theater 3000 which would be very entertaining. And of course we never know what Neil is going to grab and bring crashing to the ground.

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