Thursday, August 25, 2016

This morning I got more things done around the house (at least I feel like I'm making a dent in things!) since an early morning text woke me up.  Then I headed over to Target with a lengthy list, though what I really 'needed' was a pool raft.  Got virtually everything else on the list, and on the one hand it was successful in that I got out of there for less than $100 (though just barely.)  Sadly they were all sold out of the pool rafts despite the fact that it's still summer here, and will be for quite a while.  But as the Associate helping me said, "That's what happens when Corporate is in Minnesota, where it truly IS fall."  So now I'm on a search to see if there are any around; sure enjoyed using the ones at the hot springs.  Obviously I could always order one - but I want one today!

I tried calling the pool store before heading over there, but they must be busy; no one answered the phone.  Nearby is a shoe repair place, and I looked them up to make sure of the address because I need to have my 'funeral' shoes repaired.  My plan was that I could take care of both errands easily in one trip.  But the many reviews of service at the repair shop were uniformly bad (poor workmanship, bad attitude, lost shoes, no working credit card machine for over 2 years, etc.) that I've decided to use a less convenient shop that has much better reviews!

I'd forgotten that replacing the car battery would void all the memories in the car.  But not only do I need to reset the car seat and mirror settings, I couldn't even get the radio on because the GPS screen wants some sort of code.  I tried MY code, then 0000, 1234, 9999 - but being a computer naturally it wasn't having any of it.  

I'll see if the instruction book is any help (not that I'm especially hopeful...)  Maybe Alex can figure it out for me?  I really have enough to do in the next several days without schlepping over to the Acura place, but I really would like to have my radio back!

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