Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Even though we got a late start heading into town today (Terry was trying to get Neil set for the day) we got a lot accomplished.

As soon as I had cell reception I received a text from Patti, asking if I was home. Texted back that I wasn't, but would have cell reception for a while, and to call if she could talk. She could, and she did. So before I lost reception we caught up on things.

Terry and I lunched in Salida at The Twisted Cork, dining al fresco on the back patio overlooking "The Little River". Reminded me of the time Tom and I had lunch with Tami and Alan creek-side in Sedona.  Once fortified with a hearty meal we were ready to start our slew of errands, the first one being to empty the car of all the recycling.

Next was WalMart.  We both had our lists, and agreed to meet on the bench out front when we were done. I headed to the pharmacy, where there was a LONG line. At least when it was my turn the tech found my order, which seemed like a positive thing. After I signed that it was actually me picking it up, she handed it to me and was sending me on my way. When I told her I hadn't paid yet, she said there was no charge because it was a partial order. So I asked how partial - and it turned out to be just 4 pills! I said that wasn't going to work (!) Long story short(er), it seems that the doctor wrote the Rx for 3-months worth (although I told Gerardo to just have her write it for 1) and the pharmacy just wanted to give me enough to get home. I explained that I wasn't actually heading home yet and needed more. So they told me to come back in a little bit and they'd have more for me. Did the rest of my shopping, waited in line (again) and left with 76 pills (all they had in stock.) Terry was waiting for me on the bench, and not only had she finished her list (most of it for Elinor) loaded stuff into the car, but then still had time to go back in to the customer service window and return an item.

At the library she returned a huge stack of books (hers, Elinor's, and Steve's) and picked up the next Book Club selection. I've started reading it (the author Alice Steinbach was a reporter and columnist at the Baltimore Sun) and think the ladies selected a great read!

Next stop was Simple Foods - where the parking lot was totally empty, so we wondered if they were open. They were, and Terry was able to get the things on her list and Elinor's list. After a brief stop to drop off some forms at Elinor's doctor we tackled the biggie: grocery shopping. With company coming on Sunday Terry had a lengthy list, plus she needed to pick up a number of items for Elinor. Except that Safeway was out of a LOT of things. Which meant a return trip to Simple Foods (where Terry had to wait in line behind 5 other customers for the one item) and WalMart. I stayed in the car at both stops so we could leave the windows down and not fry the Safeway groceries, which is when I started reading Without Reservations - and hated to put it down.

By the time we got to Elimor's to deliver her things it was around 6:00, so we didn't stay too long after getting everything put away. On the way home we not only saw a number of the burrowing owls and more antelope, but also 3 large bucks with huge racks.  Terry was surprised to see them down in the valley.

It was a long day, and we had a late dinner, but afterward Terry baked more cookies!

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