Sunday, August 28, 2016

Time to post some more Hot Springs PIX
now that our electricity has been restored. 

It's always fun to see the various vehicles and their bumper stickers.  During the Members Weekend there was even a semi (technically, though just the cab without the trailer and with all its wheels 'scrunched' up.)

This is an organization in Alamosa that brings (disadvantaged?) kids up to the hot springs for all sorts of science activities.

I had heard about tents that connect to the back of vehicles, increasing storage capacity and eliminating the need to go outside in inclement weather to get stuff - and here one is.  Someone had a great idea!

Can't lose this vehicle in a parking lot...

and probably not this one, either.

Doug Bates customized his mini-van with a little pop-up.

This isn't exactly a vehicle, but they guys figured out a way to get Janet up to the bat cave.  Usually it's a 2-mile hike up (and then 2-miles back in the dark), with a steep trail at the end.  They drove her most of the way, and then rigged up this litter for the last 100 yards or so.  She was so thrilled to finally be able to see the outpouring of (estimated 25,000) bats at dusk, and was moved to tears.  I snapped a photo from this image on Michael's phone.  

And here are some of the bumper stickers and decals I 'collected' -


or maybe this one.

A couple more I wanted to post, but for some reason (because it's a computer?) the pictures show up in my folder but are NOT accessible when I use the add images button on my blog.

Here is the teepee where Cynthia has her massage table set up.
(I love those crisp puffy clouds!)

This is the Smoking Shack (not supposed to be smoking at any of the pools any more) with the Sunset Rooms just visible behind the red vehicle.

And here's the astronomy area, when it was still under construction this summer.  IF you look closely you can see one (of the four) wheel set-ups inside in the corner (look for a splash of red) which will be used to roll the hut over the telescopes when they're not being used.  Doesn't look like this arrangement be easy since the pad under the hut is exactly the width of the hut; if it gets moved to the side just an inch (highly likely since there's no track) it'll be off the pad.  In the future they may be pouring more cement...

This is the 10-inch telescope, awaiting its new home, 

and some smaller ones.

A day or so after I took these I did see part of the roof siding had been put on, but didn't have my camera with me to document the progress.  

Enough playing - things to do before I head off to Sunday's Boot Camp at the gym.  I'm not as sore as I had feared, though still predict I'll be lucky to make it through a reasonable portion of the session.  But here's my mantra:

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