Friday, August 12, 2016

Yesterday I moved out of Steve's room (which I left a lot neater than I found it) and onto the platform cubby in "Hilda's" room. Terry brought up the nice sturdy step-ladder, and the trunk serves as a perfect nightstand, so it worked out just fine.

Last night we celebrated Neil's birthday (which is actually today) with an Indian dinner (Hilda's parents were missionaries in India) down at Elinor and Richard's.  It was actually Joe's mother's (Hilda's sister's) 98th birthday.  (Hilda is 'only' 93.) Michael  and Loretta and the kids had come by, and planned to join us for dinner - but that didn't happen because of a problem with Christina, so again we were (only) 9 around the table. Michael and Loretta made the announcement that are expecting a baby, due on March 25 (Dad's birthday.)

It was still rather overcast as we were driving home late last night, but those who got up in the middle of the night to view the Perseids were rewarded with a clear sky and wonderful show.

This morning, Neil's actual birthday, he got some chocolate truffles from Mark and Karen. But it was sort of a comedy trying to get him to taste one.

Now I'm getting ready to head up and soak. With this being the annual party weekend (for members only) I expect/hope to run into some familiar faces from the past.

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