Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lots to do here this morning, mostly laundering sheets and changing beds. Hilda (Terry's mom) will be in the room I vacated this morning, Neil and Terry's room before they had to move their bed downstairs. I will be in Steve's room (he left on his camping trip this morning) until his return, when I will be "camping" in the old master bedroom with Hilda. 

The sun was actually out this morning, and around 11:00 I made it up to the Party Pool. On the trail I passed a woman pushing her husband in a wheelchair (not an easy climb at all) and did offer assistance, but he said he's on a para team and was in good shape to help her. Interesting bunch up there: one guy had been a Green Beret, another had served in the Navy on a submarine (I thought of Zach), and the guy using the wheelchair had been a paratrooper in the Navy. So while I floated I listened to them talking shop.

Saw an interesting g bumper sticker on my way up, and on the way back was taking a picture (to see if someone could help me figure it out later) and it turned out to be Matthew's car (he was one of the crowd who heard Sam McGee last week.) He said the sticker was on the car when he bought it, but he gave me a possible explanation - which I will check out when I get home.

Helped distract Neil this afternoon while Terry was mopping the floors (no easy task!) then made a delivery down to Elinor's. I'd asked Terry if I had a curfew <g> and she said no... and that I had plenty of time to play some cribbage. Our game turned out to be very exciting, with the lead see-sawing back and forth, and some interesting hands: I had one crib of 4 queens, and one hand of 24, which is a personal best. The last hand was her crib, which meant I'd count first. With 8 points in my hand and 9 holes to go I needed to peg at least once, which I did. Good thing, because even though I'd had a reasonable lead at that point, she had an excellent hand and crib, and would have gone out.

When I got back Terry had heard from her sister Karen. They had all made their connections and rendezvous-ed at the Denver airport and were currently at the car rental counter (where it was taking longer than it should...) So they are on schedule, which was not a 'given' considering they are coming from NYC, Dallas, and California, and any number of things could have delayed any one of the flights.  Depending on how long it takes for dinner, I may (or may not) still be awake when they arrive.

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