Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I was able to get Neil to remain lying down yesterday for a good while before we headed down for Karen's birthday party, which helped - especially since Nancy had taken him to Creststone earlier in the day. Fun (though another late) evening, with good food and friends - but for the first time Terry admitted to being tired. Karen received some very funny birthday cards, and nice gifts.  There was one "from Neil", a jade necklace, that we all assumed came from Terry - however she was as surprised as the rest of us. I was even 'accused', but eventually Steve figured out it had been Nancy.

Lazy morning at the house as the family prepared to blast off at 1:00. Once Karen was packed we headed up to the Party Pool for a brief last soak. Originally Terry thought she would join us, then opted for some final quiet time with her mom. (I have 'threatened' Terry that I'm not going to leave until she takes at least one soak with me...!)

I have seen lots of beautiful batik sarongs up here, but today Marie was wearing one that had "holes" in it. Someone had sewed crisis-cross grids in some of the designs, then hand cut the holes. It was a stunning effect.

Picked up a wire brush from Doug, and after everyone left I was heading back up to scour the steps (which have gotten slippery again) when the thunder let loose. The sky looked pretty threatening, so it was a no-brainer to make a U-turn back to the house.

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