Sunday, August 21, 2016

Terry went up and (finally!) soaked with me this morning, and on the walk up she pointed out the plum trees, which are laden with fruit.  Apparently they are a really sweet variety; too bad they won't be ripe for another month or so.  She did find it relaxing... so much so that she had trouble staying awake this afternoon.  I did soak a lot longer than she did  - though she stayed an hour and a half, and enjoyed visiting with various folks.

Several dogs around, and I loved the Quiet Spot bag one was wearing... so his tags wouldn't jingle!

Matt's friend Chris wanted to "meet" Sam McGee (and so did Hannah's grandparents) so I didn't quite get away as soon as planned.  (Did leave my sarong with Tammy for added sun protection, and it appeared later as requested, tied to the front door.)

On way back I swung by Oak House and listened to some lovely guitar playing by Phil, then took some photos (of the old sauna foundation, the valley, creek, hummers, etc.)

When Terry talked to her mom the other day Hilda mentioned she wanted to speak with me before I left, so this afternoon we called her.  She just wanted to thank me again for spoiling her while she was here, and for helping out Terry - and to tell me again how much she enjoyed my company.  Terry and I agree that Hilda is a "sweet little old lady" - yep, yep, yep.
After dinner another close game of cribbage - with freshly baked cookies, of course.

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