Tuesday, August 9, 2016

(Tuesday) Lovely soak at the Party Pool. Mainly listened to several folks talking about various hot springs they've visited over the years - and I was familiar with, and had also visited, all but a couple of them.  Later Mick and Michael (friends of Suzanne) showed up, and remembered visiting with Tom and me last summer. Then it dawned on me - they had the caramels last year.  Before they left today they gifted me with some more, to share.

I spent part of the afternoon at the Pavillion because as I was leaving the pool a couple of musicians (Dan and Gary) arrived for a brief soak before heading over there to play. Michael heard them last night, and said they're quite good. I certainly enjoyed their playing, and was sorry when their impromptu concert ended around 3:00.

Michael (and Loretta and kids) did not make it for dinner, but we were still 7 around the dining table, with entertaining conversation (Mark did sing "that song" for me) and there were lots of laughs. 

Meant to mention the 3 black cats: Ella, Fitz, and Gerald, who live with some friends of Karin and Mark's in Santa Fe.


Wednesday morning was another lazy one, with people drifting into the kitchen. (Mark did make it up to the pool early enough to get in his laps before they drained it for the weekly cleaning; I, however, cannot say the same.)

Was glad to get an e-mail from Mom about Alex's visit, and how much she enjoyed it. She was quite complimentary about what a fine young man he's become ("articulate, loving, and someone to be proud of") which of course is music to a mother's ears.

Karin joined me at the Party Pool for an hour or so, and we chatted away. She's going to be in DC in September for an opera she's involved it. The production will be performed at the Kennedy Center, but she involved in screening it for a larger crowd - at the stadium!

By the time we got back to the house Lucia and Lucas had arrived.  They're continuing to cart her possessions from her parents' place to theirs, and the HUGE tub they removed from the closet in Steve's room will make a lot more room for his stuff. To say his room is cluttered is a gross understatement..

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