Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'm home!

Terry and I got on the road early yesterday.  After a brief stop in Salida (to drop off the recycling and get cash at the bank) it was on to Denver.  We took the 'less scenic' route so we wouldn't have to stop for all the construction on 285, but of course I thought it was still a pretty drive.  There was time to stop for lunch (at Ruby Tuesday's) and then I got to experience DIA.  

It's a big (and busy) airport, and Security was a happening place, the long line especially impressive from the view at the top of the escalator looking out over the entire 'room'.  But it only took 20 minutes to snake my way to the head of the line, and then I caught the train to terminal C (third stop of course.)  I expected a long walk once there (my flight left from gate C42) but was happily surprised to find that gates 1-39 were to the left, while those to the right started with gate 40.

My flight left/landed on time, and my luggage made the same trip (always nice) though we had lots of turbulence throughout the flight and a rough landing. I assumed it was from the hot air below meeting the cool air above, but Tom said we flew though a storm front.  Also many people were coughing and sneezing (including the guy next to me) so I'm going to be hitting the Emergen-C today in hopes of staying healthy.

It wasn't as hot here as I expected, but it is definitely muggy which does 'make up' for temps only in the mid-90s.  Tom picked me up in the truck because my car wouldn't start yesterday.  It did, however, start for Alex the other day when he drove it to work (after sitting in the garage for 2 months) so if it started up then not sure why it was unhappy yesterday.  Hope it just needs a new battery; they just don't last long in our heat.

Also found out that at Tom's routine visit with the cardiologist earlier this month his stress test EKG was bad, so he had an angiogram which found another blocked artery; I'll be taking him in for a stent next Thursday.  He broke a tooth on Monday and is off to the dentist today to deal with that.  Patch, patch, patch.  

Alex and Aja joined us for dinner and I caught up on their news.  They've been enjoying Alex's time off from touring, and leave tomorrow for Rocky Point (Mexico) to help one of her friends celebrate her birthday.  Alex snagged the upcoming 3-month college tour this Fall as a reward for all his hard work.  Instead of living on the bus with a dozen guys, he and one other guy will be driving a new truck (and pulling a trailer) around the East Coast, going to football games to promote a new product.

I did a lot of unpacking yesterday and beat Tom at cribbage after dinner when the kids left, but have not tackled the mail or anything else; I hope to make a dent in that today... The yard looks great, mowed and weed-eaten for my arrival, and all but one of my plants not only survived (Tom said it was dead when he got back a month ago) but are looking great.  Since that one was a hanging plant tucked away in a corner by the front door it probably just got overlooked by the various friends stopping by to water.

And I may start playing with my vacation photos. (Yes I did load them onto the computer yesterday.)

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