Monday, August 8, 2016

It was a relaxing morning as folks wandered in and out of the kitchen during their morning routine.  Nancy arrived for her weekly time with Neil, and commented that I look younger, and more relaxed and happier, each time she sees me.  She's chalking it up to the hot springs being a fountain of youth, though I have my own thoughts. Hilda then commented that I have a capacity for enjoying things.

Around noon Terry and Karen were dropping Hilda off to visit Elinor, and then the two of them were driving into town for yet another grocery run.  Would be nice if Elinor's Rx is ready (hopefully the labwork has come through and they know what antibiotic she needs) so nobody has to make the long schlep tomorrow.

I was going to head up to soak after lunch, except Nancy and Neil were going to watch Hit and Run - and I decided to watch it again with them.  Nancy agreed that it was a hoot, and gave it 2 thumbs up.  Then I shucked the corn for tonight (which I could have done during the movie if I'd thought of it.)


Very sad news arrived this afternoon - Mike (my SIL Sandy's brother, her only sibling) passed away today.  He's had serious medical issues in recent years, and had been In the hospital the past few weeks failing, so it was not unexpected - but that certainly doesn't make the loss any easier. 

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