Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bob the alligator is back at the Party Pool for this weekend. His 'mother' Jennifer remembered me from last year, and also Tom, who gifted her with a chunk of rainbow obsidian she loves.  After I snapped a pic of Bob (who hasn't grown a bit since I took his pix last year) Jennifer offered to take some of me with him.

Guitarist Mark is also back for the weekend, and gave me a wonderful foot and hand massage. All appendages are feeling much better (my hand has been bothering me lately, though my feet had improved greatly after I stopped wearing my flip flops up to the pools) and if he ever wants to quit his day job he could have a great career as a masseuse.

Back at the house Terry and I played cribbage while I was boiling eggs to make some deviled eggs for today's potluck. Water boils quickly here - because at this altitude it only needs to reach 180, which means things take longer to cook. So I let the eggs bubble away merrily for a long time, and they turned out just right.  It was another nail-biter cribbage game where we were neck and neck the whole time, and by the last hand were both sitting in the last hole.  Just luck that I pegged out first.

The blues band last night was very good, and Elinor and I enjoyed the music - and did some dancing. During their break I made a run to the bathhouse (all that dancing is thirsty work, and we were both glad I'd brought my water bottle) and heard music coming from Oak House. When I went to investigate, sure enough it was Mark and John, who had just finished up because of 'curfew'. Mark was amazed to see me still awake <g> and they played a few more (mostly Jackson Browne) songs.  Obviously the coffee I drank at 4:00 did its job as intended.

Walking back to the house afterward I had a great view of a clear sky- but the Perseids just didn't seem to be doing their thing yet. Or else they were streaking across the sky while I was paying attention to where I was walking.

I'm up earlier this morning because at 6:30 Shadow came into the bedroom and meowed for his breakfast. This is the first time he's done that (though I have been the one to feed him many mornings) and of course he chose a morning when I'd been up very late the night before.  

In a bit I'll devil the eggs and get ready for today's party. Looking forward to all the good food, and seeing what's available in this year's auction.

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