Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Terry and Karen didn't return from town until after 5:00 yesterday (and with so much going on to unpack and organize all the groceries, get Neil showed - again - and then get everything organized for the dinner party, I never did hear if they were able to pick up the Rx for Eli or or someone will have to make another trip today) so when a snake was 'blocking' the path to her car as Nancy tried to leave around 4:30 it was up to me to 'rescue' her. From her description it sounded like a Bull snake (which it turned out to be, about 3 feet long and gorgeous.) I used to routinely pick snakes here when they were at risk of being run over in the road or parking lot, and then after showing them to any kids around gently place them (the snakes <g>) in a safer place. My experience had been that they were quite mellow (and I knew they were all non-venomous) but one day I came across one of the black-and-white King snakes on the road that was less than pleased about being picked up (maybe someone else had been messing with it?) It bit me, which hurt (and of course startled me) so in effect I flung it away - which couldn't have felt good for the snake - and since then I have been more cautious. So yesterday I took a stick and gently lifted the back end of the snake to 'encourage' it to relocate. When it began to "rattle" at me (they are quite effective at mimicking that sound) Nancy moved way back. 

We had a wonderful evening at Elinor and Richard's, and didn't return home until 11:00.  I had offered to stay home with Neil (whose last trips from the house had been somewhat unsuccessful and thus terribly stressful for Terry) so she could enjoy her time with family, but she really wanted him to join the party. He did surprisingly well, especially considering the crowd (there were 9 of us) though he didn't eat a whole lot of the incredibly delicious dinner Terry made. It was a wonderful evening for Hilda, with her 3 daughters and SILs, and nephew Joe, in attendance. (Joe whipped up a rhubarb cake for dessert, which was delicious - but when I saw the recipe on the counter and realized how much sugar when into it it was no wonder!)

"Be careful what you wish for." Kitty Q, who had spent about 3 weeks alone (with only brief daily visits from Terry, or Steve, to be fed and watered and have his litter box changed) while Elinor and Richard were in Denver at the hospital and then rehab, found himself without any of his usual spots on a chair or couch to land on last night. Feast or famine!

Tonight Michael and Loretta and the kids are scheduled to drive up from Alamosa to join us here for dinner (sans Elinor and Richard, because one way she would come in involves stairs, and the other a very uneven pathway.)  

Looks like a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so I may even make it up for a soak today.

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