Thursday, August 25, 2016

After I got back from the pool store (where I found the floatie I wanted - and it was even on sale) I grabbed all 5 instruction booklets from the glove compartment; apparently a good-sized tree gave its life for the cause.  It took a while since the info I needed was not in the 'regular' booklet, or even the technology one, but in the maintenance one.  (Don't ask why it wasn't in any of the sensible places I started looking!)  Once I found/entered the code for the GPS (where the screen actually gave me digits to choose from) I still needed to punch in the code for the radio - but no digits appeared anywhere.  On a whim I used the 6 buttons for the radio, which made the car happy. (Would have been nice if the booklet had included this information because it took me a while to think of trying that.)  At that point I wasn't inclined to try and set the seat/mirror settings - figured I'd endured enough technology aggravation for one day.

Now that I've got all my vacation pix done I've sent many of them along to their people today.  Here's the one of Jody and Michael with the chicken, which she loved. 

At the time I told her about a blog posting that involved a metal chicken, and just sent that to her.  It still makes me laugh, so thought I'd share it with all of you.  Usual disclaimer: I strongly suggest that you empty your bladder first!

After dinner I went out to feed Pokey (the bowl was overflowing with salad, watermelon, and cantaloupe rinds) and she dove right into the pile.  Unfortunately I got my finger in the way trying to adjust a piece of watermelon, and she chomped down on my finger hard enough to draw blood.  OUCH!

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