Friday, August 19, 2016

Neil did not have a good day yesterday, so sadly neither did Terry. Today should be more relaxing for her; she took Elinor to a doc appt in Saguache this morning, and hopefully this afternoon they are getting in lots of cribbage. Steve took morning Neil duty, and I've got this afternoon.

Too quiet at Party Pool this morning for Addie (5?) who was impatient for her friend to arrive later today, though she did seem to have fun playing with me. I finally left later when a guy from Ohio, whose only conversational level seemed to be shouting, made me want to find a quieter spot. That's when I decided it was time to make the trek up to the top pools. It's only a quarter of a mile hike, but the rise in elevation is 700 feet, so I took several rest stops (huffing and puffing, of course.) My surprise was how busy it was up there, with people in all of the cascading pools, so I couldn't take pix as expected. One pool had an older woman (maybe 80) and another had a family with a toddler (though he may have been carried part of the way.)

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