Sunday, July 31, 2016

It was a delightful morning in the Party Pool. I was lucky enough to score a floatie so I didn't even miss the one I sent home with Tom. And Steve offered me the use of a reclining lounger (he even took it up to the swimming pool for me today) after there was a shortage of lounges yesterday (and my little green chair had gone home in the truck with Tom.)

Jay was taking a well-deserved soak; he was wiped out after giving 6 tours over the course of the week, but I know Tom really enjoyed his expertise.  Like most folks here Jay wants to do what he can to help out Neil and Terry.  When the discussion drifted to how long I was going to stay and help out, I mentioned the upcoming shortage of beds when Terry's family arrives August 7 - and he offered the second bedroom in the cabin he rents from Doug. When he asked me how I'm getting home now that Tom has left, I told him I'd most likely fly - at which point he offered to drive me to the airport (almost 3 hours away.) Just another example of how people here help each other.

My sarong again came in handy for one of the guys soaking (Ken?) whose shoulders and back were getting a tad pink. Like everyone who has tried it, he loved how lightweight yet effective it is.

Too many funny conversations to mention, but it was a very congenial group, and we certainly got each other going. I ended up staying about an hour later than usual, yet just as I was leaving, Jessica and the kids were arriving - which happened most days, no matter what time I headed back to the house.

After lunch, while Terry continued mucking out the basement (with 2 beds down there it'll serve as another bedroom) I kept an eye on Neil and also did a few domestic chores: some dishes and laundry, then swept and spot-mopped the floors.

Will be much quieter at dinner tonight since Tom left yesterday, and Katrina and Jake left this morning. Terry and I will probably watch Spotlight afterward (though I've already seen it I wouldn't mind watching it again) while Steve hikes up to the bats again.  Rumor has it that freshly-baked cookies are also on the evening's agenda.

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