Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Another relaxing morning soaking, chatting, and taking photos.  A couple of the pretty blue damsel flies were kind enough to pose for me when I had my camera handy, and I also got a faux-arch completed this morning. There have been a lot of dogs here lately, most of them very well-behaved, and this morning there was a service dog (he alerts his owner before her seizures) who of course was very obedient.

When I got back to the house, Tom and Steve were in the final phases of installing the new light fixture over the dining room table as a surprise for Terry, so I fixed Neil his lunch. (He doesn't complain about my 'cooking'...) I've sent the guys up for a well-deserved after-lunch swim (of course the installation turned out to be more complicated than expected) and am doing some laundry while I hang out here with Neil. 

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