Thursday, July 7, 2016

This shows as being posted on Thursday but was actually posted Friday.

Good news on Elinor's surgery. The doctor knew going in that he'd be doing the fusing/hardware on 4 vertebrae, though there was always the possibility (once he got In there) of needing to do more, maybe as many as 10.  Happily it turned out he only needed to do those pesky 4. However this morning we heard from Richard that she hadn't had a good night, and was still in considerable pain. We're hoping that they were able to adjust her meds today to remedy that!

I also didn't sleep well last night, so it was hard to get going this morning. By the time I eventually ambled up to the pool it was bumping 11:00, and too crowded for swimming laps. Instead I floated around for about an hour soaking up a few rays.  

Slim came by this afternoon to build the framing to put in a door at the top of the basement steps.  That baby gate is better than nothing, but we will all worry less about Neil falling once the door is in.  The louvers for the door that Slim is going to construct were supposed to be delivered today, but weren't.  Now they're saying delivery on Monday.

Tom and Steve went off grubbing today (they didn't find anything, though saw some spectacular country) so I stayed with Neil while Terry made the daily run to take care of Q.

Another delicious dinner, and made-from-scratch apple crumble for dessert. Terry is really spoiling us!

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