Thursday, July 21, 2016

I had a wonderful night's sleep; it was one of those rare nights when I didn't wake up for a bathroom run (at least not until until 5:00 am - and then went back to sleep until after 7:30!)  I did have some bizarre dreams (verging on nightmares) so I was relieved to awake and find them to be mere figments of my imagination... whew! 

It was surprising to find Neil and Terry asleep when I came downstairs, though assumed he'd had a bad night and they'd gone back to sleep. But apparently they both slept through the night, a first since our arrival here 3 weeks ago.

It was a lazy morning - I fired off a bunch of e-mails, and lingered over my breakfast of Terry's homemade yogurt with fresh peaches/strawberries/blueberries before making it up to the pools around 10:30.  My sarong came in handy this morning to loan to a couple of women who were quite pale (and without sunscreen) since shade by that time was at a bare minimum.

When it was time to retreat from the sun I was reading in the shade by the swimming pool when Camp Host Michael stopped by. He showed me the picture on his phone of the wheelchair sling they rigged up to get Janet up to see the bats the other night, and my camera got a decent shot of it. 

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