Monday, July 18, 2016

When Steve got back from town (where, amazingly, a bag of Hershey Kisses did just 'happen' to fall into his shopping cart) I went back up to the water. I started out at the swimming pool (where Tom was sitting in the shade reading) bobbing around  in my float, but with the overcast skies the water was too cool for me. I moved to the Apple Pool, where I again lasted about ten minutes, because that water   was too warm. But the Party Pool was just right! Sounds like a good plot for a fairy tale...

In the swimming pool, I had listened to a mom playing 20 questions with her daughter. I was very intrigued by the questions/answers, but had left before mom figured it out.  So when they appeared later at the Party Pool, I had to ask what it was. And now I have a GREAT one for the next time I play: a rainbow!

When the hiking group from Austin descended upon the Party Pool it was definitely time to head back down to the house. After dinner we watched another "classic" movie: First Spaceship on Venus. I do not recommend it... Lol 

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