Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I did make it up to the pool early enough to swim (actually had the pool entirely to myself) and got in my 8 lengths before the guy came to drain the pool.  Then I soaked in the Apple Pools until it was time for breakfast.  

Shadow had been busy; during the night he'd left a chipmunk on the floor by Neil's side of the bed, and then this morning (between the time I got up and Tom did) he deposited a headless bunny in 'his' spot in the bathroom.

Puttered around the house this morning, sweeping/mopping floors. I had considerable trouble wringing out Terry's mop and thought it was just me and my bum hand; turns out there is a ratchet function on it beyond the twisting motion.  As I keep telling her, "good help is hard to find"... But the floors look much better, and she didn't have to do it.  Since we're staying so long I feel much more comfortable whenever I can help out (and we all know that my cooking skills leave something to be desired!) While she insists that she finds cooking relaxing (!) I'm pretty sure <g> she can't say that about house-cleaning.

Since the pool area has the only really good shady spots - and it's closed for most of today for cleaning and then refilling - Tom has gone off grubbing.  I reminded him about sunscreen, but bet Terry that he'd come home with some sort of sun rash.  I'll probably head up to the party pool after lunch but will use sunscreen and cover up highly burnable spots with a sarong.

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