Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tom did make it all the way home today, just as I expected. Of course it helps that he didn't have to make any stops to feed me... or let me pee!  Everything seems to fine at the house, though no doubt there's lots of yardwork to be done.

Last year I had admired one of Terry's plants, a shamrock, so this past year she had transplanted some into another pot for me.  It's a beautiful, healthy plant, and we were supposed to send it home with Tom today... except we both forgot. Bummer!

He did stop at the quilt store in Del Norte (it hadn't yet opened for the day when we came through a month ago) to pick up the Row By Row pattern for me. Apparently they don't get too many husbands doing that - he got "great hubby accolades".

Tonight Terry and I started the next cribbage tournament.  Not only did we have chocolate cookies fresh from the oven, but I won the first game. Luck of the deal!

Quote for the day: Overheard a kid (about 8) say today, "This is better than Disneyland!" 

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