Saturday, July 30, 2016

One of the perks of getting up early is seeing more wildlife. There was a doe right outside the house here with a tiny fawn.  That's tiny as in the smallest Terry has ever seen, and of course living here almost 40 years she's seen more than her share; she thinks this one was just a day or two old.

Jake and Katrina went up to see the bats last night, and it was a good fly-out.  He did say it was 'a bit chilly' walking back down (and when folks from Minnesota say that I have to wonder just how cold it really was...) Though I was quite warm walking back to the house last night because I'd waited to leave until there was a song with a swing beat to dance to, and actually took off my hoodie and was more comfortable in just my tank top!

Tom is saying his final goodbyes and getting ready to hit the road. He isn't planning on making the whole drive in one day, but I know him; he could be home by 9:00 tonight because once he gets to Flagstaff he'll feel like he's almost home and 'might as well' just continue (especially since he won't have a tired wife in the car whose back is kvetching from sitting all day and who just wants to stop and stretch out on a bed.)

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