Monday, July 25, 2016

When I went to swim my laps this morning (Slim and I had the pool to ourselves) I noticed that my floatie was missing.  There was always the possibility that it had blown away (I kept tucking it behind my chair, but people kept 'borrowing' it without returning it to its safe spot.) But afterward, when I got up to the Party Pool, there it was. 

Relaxing morning with a mellow crowd. When Martin told about his bear encounter in the Yukon, I mentioned Sam McGee. Surprisingly none of the dozen folks there were acquainted with him, so I remedied that - and the crowd was effusive in their appreciation.

After lunch (outstanding leftovers: the grilled chicken and homemade potato salad from last night) I deviled the eggs to take with us to book club tonight.  From the kitchen I watched a beautiful swallowtail butterfly at the hummingbird feeder (I've never seen a butterfly at our feeders at home) though it wasn't terribly cooperative when Terry was taking its picture. 

We also looked into flights, since the current plan is for me to stay on when Tom leaves this coming weekend.  (Amazing that after having us as house-guests for a month she's still lobbying hard to get me to stay longer!) Not only will I be able to help with Elinor when she's released from the hospital, but I'll also get to see her mom (Hilda) and sister Karen and BIL Mark.  It's probably been 20 years since our visits last coincided, and Terry was bummed that we planned to leave before connecting again.  

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