Thursday, July 28, 2016

After a "righteous" breakfast of granola with homemade yogurt and diced fresh peaches I had a brownie for dessert. At least I skipped the ice cream and chocolate syrup... Lol

When I arrived at the Party Pool, Keb said he'd been looking for me yesterday. Obviously he didn't get there until after I'd left for lunch. Apparently he'd enjoyed Tuesday's rendition of The Cremation of Sam McGee so much he wanted to hear it again - and so did the others in the pool (only one of whom was familiar with it.) Again, it was well received, and one guy told me I reminded him of his favorite teacher.

Enjoyed my time with Donovan and Artie. He had noticed my lumpectomy scar and asked if I'd had breast cancer; turned out she had also, around the same time I did.  They also had lived in Maryland for 8 years. Another woman, Leslie, overheard us; turns out she graduated from a high school near Northwood the year after I did. Small world.

Tom and I stayed up at the pool about an hour later than I usually do, so it was handy to have my sarong, and then my light-weight shirt, to cover up from the sun and not have to squeeze into the sliver of shade. 

Just as we got home Terry and Neil arrived back. They'd gotten no farther than the restaurant in Saguache when things fell apart. She was able to get him out of the car and into the restaurant, but he wouldn't sit down (and was flailing his cane around) so they just came home. Can't say I'm surprised after our experience a few weeks ago having dinner in Alamosa with their son Michael.

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