Saturday, July 23, 2016

I got skunked at cribbage last night, but since the game 'came with' freshly-baked cookies warm from the oven I was somehow able to deal with the disappointment. Never made it up to the astronomy hut last night, though Steve says they did get a few good views between the clouds.  IF I can stay awake long enough (sounds like a job for caffeine?) this evening I'd like to wander over and check it out.

This morning our little mouse friend was hanging out in the bathroom, but when we brought Shadow in to deal with it he took one look and then walked out.  Reminds me of the "you had one job" cat pix floating around FB. Terry got some gloves, captured it, and let it loose outside - where it will (no doubt) be much happier.

Interesting discussions at the Party Pool this morning (politics and religion) with Alek and Sam.


Terry had her sewing machine out this afternoon (she deepened the pockets in her pants, using fabric she bought yesterday at the quilt store) so I was able to fix the torn seam in my yellow sundress.  Also got a lot done on my cross-stitch while waiting 'my turn' on the machine.

The "coffee" I drank around 1:00 did the trick; after dinner I dressed warmly and (after a quick stop at the Pavillion for a s'more) I enjoyed the telescopes at the astronomy hut. Mark had two going so there was never a long wait.  Got to see Jupiter (with 3 of its moons lined up), Saturn (with its rings, of course, and a couple of moons), Mars, a double star (one blue, one yellow), and assorted star clusters, etc. The clouds had cooperated by clearing up around dark, and the dark skies here presented us with a spectacular number of stars. Around 10:00 the clouds started interfering with the views, but by then I was ready to head back.

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