Saturday, July 30, 2016

When Tom went over to the Visitor Center this morning to drop off his arrowhead donation for the Party Weekend auction, Rosie wasn't at work yet. But Amy, Noah's wife, was. Turns out her mother (who has passed away) was a lifelong collector of arrowheads. So Amy issued an invite for Tom to view her collection next time he's here. (Of course if he'd turned in the arrowhead when I reminded him a few weeks ago, he might have gotten a chance to view it this summer...)

After Tom left I sat out back chatting with Terry for a bit, and a fearless bunny sat right behind her, just a few feet away, nibbling on the grass for a long time.  Later, as I was walking up the the Party Pool, I could see a couple of does browsing. Wasn't until they eventually wandered off that small meadow that the twin fawns (who had been "hiding" in the trees), joined Mama. Several folks commented on how cute and small they were, though after seeing the newborn one this morning they didn't look quite so small to me.   A bit later a couple of squirrels came down by the edge of the pool, and the little one started nibbling on a (used) bandaid one of the soakers was going to take with her when she got out. Even though that couldn't have tasted too good, the squirrel kept at it until we distracted it with a piece of real food. We know not to feed the wildlife - but this was for a good cause.

Wore one of Terry's hats today, and stayed pretty covered up with either my sarong or my shirt. Enjoyed talking with Julie and Kim, and when I was heading back I loaned Julie my sarong so she could stay in longer. The ladies loved my sun shirt (which I did offer to loan them also) so of course I 'had' to tell them the story of Tom's shirt from Thailand - which cracked them up.

Science Camp (for kids) was this past week, and it was a roaring success. Everyone raved about the quality of the various instructors - which was no real surprise.  However I was somewhat surprised to discover that there is no charge (other than the usual fee for the parents to be here) for the camp itself. Parents, of course, were welcome to attend any/all sessions with their kids, but plenty of kidless adults wished they could have participated in many of the activities.

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