Friday, July 29, 2016

Elinor looks good, though of course is moving very slowly and carefully.  She finally got to hear the story of the mystery shirt from Thailand, which of course she enjoyed. Starting Monday I'm going to "babysit" her while Richard goes to work. On the way home from there we saw the most spectacular clouds against the mountain - though sadly I did not have my camera with me.

After dinner, Terry and Tom and I played our last game of cribbage. I took an early (and commanding) lead when I got a crib with 20 points (personal best for me) and later a hand with 14. But Tom soon managed to close the gap, and in the end I was left sitting in the last hole (!) when he pegged out. That gave him the 7th win, so he won the on-going tournament.

We swung by the Pavillion (where I consoled myself by toasting a couple of marshmallows) and then over to Oak House, where there was a large crowd for the evening concert with John and Mark. We stayed and sang along until after 10, when Tom suggested we head back; he'd like to get on the road tomorrow at a reasonable time.

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