Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Everyone was glad to see Terry return yesterday late afternoon, though Neil did reasonably well in her absence.  I had another custom S'more delivered to me (life is good!) as a bed-time snack, and one of these nights may actually make it up to the Pavillion and do one myself.  

Today is pool-cleaning day (the reason I waited until yesterday to de-moss the Party Pool since it was highly likely some of the newly liberated moss would end up downstream in the swimming pool) so I've probably missed my chance to swim laps.  Too bad - so sad... not really <g>

This afternoon we're driving down to Alamosa to have dinner with Michael at the Greek restaurant where Loretta works.  Tom and Steve are looking forward to stocking up on beer, while I'm hoping to find the quilt store and pick up their Row By Row pattern.  Which means I may ride down with Terry and Neil instead of Tom and Steve.

Off to soak!

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