Sunday, July 3, 2016

Party time for dinner last night, with seven of us around the table. Terry's spaghetti sauce (I helped) was scrumptious, and so was the 'whole clove garlic bread' we'd picked up in town on Friday - though we all agreed that we tasted more rosemary than garlic.  For dessert Terry made up some frosting for the chocolate cake and then she and I arranged 'stripes' of raspberries and 'stars' of blueberries for a pre-birthday cake for Tom.  (She has something else planned for his birthday dessert tomorrow.). Even though I was still stuffed from dinner (we all were) I "forced" myself <G> to have dessert. 

Between the chocolate cake (and the fact that it included some coffee as one of the ingredients) I'd decided I had better take something at bedtime to make sure I slept. So it was 7:30 when I opened my eyes this morning - and Tom was already awake and on his first cup of coffee.  Pretty rare that he beats me awake!

There are always entertaining bumper stickers on view in the parking areas, and on the way up to soak this morning I snapped a pic of one I had noticed earlier and especially liked.  Good thing, because when we came back down to the house for lunch it looked like she was packing up to leave.

After lunch we got into the cake again - it tasted just as good as last night- and it even looks like there will be plenty for dessert after dinner. Life is good!

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