Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good news regarding Elinor: she did so well at OT/PT yesterday that the word is she may be able to return home before the 'usual' week to ten days! Terry headed up to Denver this morning, and there's a (slim) chance that she could be bringing Elinor with her when she returns on Tuesday!  Richard came home yesterday, after being gone all this time, to get some work done this week (the kitty was VERY happy to see him, and is apparently not letting Richard out of his sight.)  If Elinor was able to come home before he planned to return to Denver next weekend I don't think he would complain at all...<g>

I liked the cap Mark was wearing last night (Be There For Your Kids) and when he appeared at the Apple Pool I told him so. At which point he took it off and offered it to me, but I told him he needed to wear it to protect his head.  However when I arrived back at the house at lunchtime it turned out that he'd dropped it off for me on his way out this morning.

I'd spent most of the morning at the Party Pool, enjoying more time with Eileen & Dave (from Basalt) and then again with Jessica, Dave, Elias & Lucia (from Albuquerque.) Dave constructed some wonderful rock structures, including an arch, and I think I got some good pix.  As we were all leaving Dave mentioned the lack of cold drinking water, and they were all thrilled to have some of my ice-cold water poured into their mouths.  I, of course, have an endless supply; I've been rotating my two water bottles into the freezer, half full, then adding cold water to the ice.  So I always have cold water with me.

Now I'm on Neil Duty for the afternoon, and plan to work on my cross-stitch and watch 11:14 again (certainly enjoyed it last year, and it's the kind of movie you 'need' to watch more than once.

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