Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Earlier in my visit I spent some time stacking randomly-shaped rocks on the edge of the Party Pool. It's a fun way to play, though I never got more than five or six high. Yesterday there was a guy with a lot more talent, building creative arches.  I watched his technique closely and will be trying some of my own today, so check back later for a progress report... <g>

We learned a "new" card game yesterday afternoon, Rook, though I didn't care for it (and not only because I lost Big Time) and would much rather have played Hearts. Last night we started watching the movie Joy, which is really a hoot.  I look forward to finishing it up tonight.

I got a wonderful night's sleep! Not only did I not wake up for a bathroom run during the night (VERY rare) but It was after 7:00 this morning before I first opened my eyes.  Considering we had the mega-cookies, with chocolate chips, for dessert last night (Tom brought them back from Saguache yesterday) and I didn't take any sleep aids, it's even more surprising.

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