Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yesterday's turkey soup simmered on the stove all day, and turned out to be my best batch yet. (I not only enjoyed it for lunch and dinner, but also snacked on it in between those meals.)  Alex and Aja came over for lunch (they agreed it was yummy), Tom had some for dinner - and after dinner all that was left from that large pot was about one bowl-ful! 

I made great progress on Sandy's gift yesterday afternoon, and by early afternoon today it was ready to be quilted - though I'm going to wait until Andy's is done and then quilt everything at the same time.  Still missing one fabric for his (which I hadn't realized) so I guess I should have gone with Colleen and Stephanie this morning to the fabric sale... but I was trying to be good and avoid temptation!  

I'll get as much done on his as I can tomorrow without that 'missing' fabric, and then after quilting on Wednesday will pop over to 35th for that last fabric.  I did swing over to Colleen's this afternoon for an hour or so, and she and Stephanie approved of Sandy's gift. We did look through Colleen's fabric stash to see if any of her fabrics would work for Andy's, but nothing was quite right... which is too often the case.  Seems that no matter how much fabric any of us have, we're too often missing just the right shade.

Patti shaped my hair this morning (it really needed serious attention as I've been letting it grow out) and it does look much, much better.  She also parted it on the side to see how I like that - and that does seem to be keeping my hair out of my eyes better.

Looking forward too diving into the books I picked up at the library today, starting with Finding Zero.

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