Sunday, January 3, 2016

Today will be the last nice day before a week of rain arrives, so I really need to sweep up the leaves from the front porch and driveway which are threatening to hit ankle-depth shortly.  Soggy leaves will make for a slippery mess - and I certainly don't want that!  Of course not all of the leaves are down yet, though maybe all the rain with help hurry that along?  

Last night I dreamed that (a younger) Alex brought home a golden retriever puppy (yes of course it was adorable!), maybe because I saw a golden retriever nail the agility course (in the large dog category) yesterday while I was watching the Incredible Dog Challenge while sewing. 

Too bad I missed the first part of the program, but still caught some free-style frisbee, small dog agility, and dock diving, as well as some "new" (to me, anyway) events: Jack Russell hurdle racing, and Fetch It, which is like dock diving with an added 'wrinkle'.  I'm looking forward to attending some agility events around the Valley this winter.  The dogs are such fun to watch, and they are obviously having a blast!  

Not so sure about Zeus, though he is entertaining in his own way....

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